Piano Movers

Safety and professionalism are music to your ears

For many, pianos are more than just a musical instrument – they are treasures, full of cherished memories and years of priceless history.

If your piano holds a place of honor in your current home, and you’d like to see it do the same in a new location, choosing the best moving company is key. You could hire any moving company, but those who brand themselves specifically as piano movers will have the most expertise in understanding how to move such an important item.

Professional Piano Movers

You can separate the best piano movers from all-purpose movers with one simple characteristic – attention to detail. Professional piano movers will treat your piano as if it’s their own, and will transport it with equal care.

Here are a few features you should look for in a piano moving company:

  • Door-to-door service. Piano movers who show up on your doorstep with the proper equipment to safely load your piano are a cut above. Look for small details like thick blankets and secure wrapping to cover your instrument as it is moved outside.
  • Advanced transportation vehicles. Pianos require specific attention while en route. Climate-controlled vehicles with cargo securing systems and air ride suspensions are a must.
  • Storage options. If you need to store your instrument briefly before it reaches its new location, look for a company that offers storage and moving services. Make sure the storage facility has security and fire alarms, as well as climate control. Your piano should also be stored in protective wrapping to prevent air and water damage.
  • Licenses and insurance. A fully accredited moving service is the only choice. Also, make sure they offer you insurance against damage, and you both sign off on condition reports at the beginning and end of the shipment.

Local and International Shipping

There are two types of piano movers – local piano movers (i.e., within the country) and those who work internationally. Local piano moving is more straightforward, but with international piano movers, there are some issues to keep in mind.

First, you’ll want to look into any duty fees, wait times and additional cargo insurance that might be required when shipping to another country. Secondly, you may need to deal with an service – a moving company who works with several clients simultaneously to move cargo long distances via boat or truck.

Your piano movers will have a freight service lined up, but it’s your duty to ensure both companies meet your standards. Check out the insurance and licenses of both companies, as well as the freight service’s cargo-handling processes. Make sure your piano receives the best care from start to finish.

After the Move

With proper attention, your piano will arrive in its new home unscathed – however, there are a few aftercare pointers that any good mover will recommend:

  • Watch for signs that your piano needs tuning. It may not happen right away, and it may not be caused by the move itself, but rather by climate change. Allow about two weeks to pass before you do a tuning to ensure your piano has settled.
  • Inspect pedals for proper alignment. Moving may cause slight displacement in your pedals that will need attention.
  • Permanent damage. Although rare, old pianos or those that undergo a drastic climate change can suffer permanent damage. Talk to piano professionals about the condition of your instrument before you decide to move it.
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