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In it for the long haul

Although the processes of moving are generally the same whether you move up the street or across the ocean, international moving does require an extra element of care and planning.

If you’re planning a large-scale move, it pays to hire a moving company who specializes in international relocations. Here are a few tips on what to look for to ensure you find the very best:

The key to a smooth international relocation is doing the research ahead of time. Obtaining quotes from multiple companies and getting a feel for how they will treat both you and your cargo is the best way to make the transition as easy as possible.

International Freight

Even though you hire a moving company when moving from country to country, you will likely also use the services of an international freighter.

International freight companies are similar to movers, but instead of dealing with a single client, they will combine multiple clients on their trips. For example, your moving company may coordinate the shipment of your goods with the same freighter as a completely different moving company; in other words, your piano could be riding in the same crate as a stranger’s credenza.

While this may seem a little unnerving, it is actually quite safe. Although your movers may choose the freight company they deal with, you are entitled to ask for proof of licensing and can check into their history. If the company is not right for you, try another mover.

International freight is subject to its own set of standards and charges. Make sure your moving company briefs you on any extra charges that may be incurred for international shipping.

Tips for Moving Internationally:

  • Plan ahead. As mentioned above, advance preparation is everything. Whether packing or organizing, start early and be thorough – after all, one trip is all you’ll have!
  • Get help with packing. International movers specialize in transferring cargo, so take advantage of their knowledge by letting them pack your most fragile or difficult items.
  • Get estimates. An international move isn’t cheap, so make sure you shop around for the best deal.
  • Remember what NOT to pack. Carry all your important documents and financial papers with you, as well as expensive items like jewelry. Also, items like seeds, spray cans, flammables, open bottles and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Specialized International Movers

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