Choosing a storage facility

Choosing a storage facility that is right for the customer and the items being stored requires a little thought. Size matters, how many items and what they are matters, price matters and valuables or climate control might matter.

Self storage units have sizes from approximately 5x5 all the way up to 10x30. Some storage companies have sizes larger than 10x30. When a person rents a unit to store his or her items, the lease agreement is usually set up on a monthly basis. Homeowners, business people, students at colleges, military people and so forth rent storage units. Self storage unit requires a person to deliver the items to the units, unpack them and put them into the unit and bring his or her own lock for the rented storage space.

Portable storage is a bit different than self storage. A person chooses what size unit he or she will need, contact the storage company and have a storage unit delivered to his or her home or office. The homeowner or business individual loads the items into the mobile storage unit and the company that offers the services of storage will deliver the unit to a different location, to the storage facility or a person can choose to store the items right at the residential or business location. If a person elects to have a movable storage unit delivered and he or she chooses to have the items stored at the company’s warehouse, he or she can have the unit delivered back to the home or office at any time.

For those on a budget, self storage might be the best choice as it is less expensive than portable storage. It will depend on what is being stored, though. If the items are so valuable that a person worries constantly about them and wants them nearby, the portable storage might be worth the additional expense in comparison to the emotional worrying and stress that can occur. The flip side to this situation is that a person can select a type of insurance that will guarantee all stored items, no matter what the value of them is. If items will be stored for a long time, the cost for each choice is not going to be much different.

Self storage is a great option for larger and more fragile items. Considering the fact that portable storage is movable, there is more of a chance of items being bounced around and broken easier than if they are sitting still in self storage units. Transportable storage units are normally one size; 5x8x8. With self storage units, there are a variety of sizes to choose from and each unit is usually spacious enough so that a person can walk within it easily.

It is recommended that a person use self storage if he or she is going to contain larger items, especially items that a person might want to access daily. If a person is wondering about climate control environments for storing items, self storage and portable storage facilities offer climate controlled environments when the units are brought to or stay at the storage facility. Ultimately, some companies off units that are separately incorporated with climate control.

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