Storage Costs

Storage costs are determined by a few factors. Prices are figured by how secure units are, where they are located and what size they are. Sometimes, the valuables that are stored might determine storage costs too. Secure storage, for instance, might cost more if the units are fenced or gated in, have extra security measures, like cameras and alarms or have lighted areas.

Most storage companies have monthly rates, for indoor storage or outdoor storage units. Prices might vary if a person chooses to have mobile storage units transported to his or her home or office and then picked up by the company once the items have been placed into the container. If a person chooses to go to a self storage unit and unload and place his or her own items into the storage containment areas, it will cost less money.

Rates for indoor storage go from $30 monthly up to $110 per month, depending on what size unit is rented. A 5x5 unit is generally around $30 per month. The 5x5 is considered to be an equivalent size as a hallway closet would be. The highest price for indoor storage of $110 is usually for a unit that is 10x30 in size and is considered to be the same as renting one and one half a garage.

A unit that is 10x10 is about $55/month to rent and will hold items that have been in a one bedroom home or apartment, along with appliances, boxes and some other clothing.

Outdoor storage units ordinarily cost around $1 per foot of usage needed by the customer. There is usually a minimum amount that can be rented and no less than that minimum amount, like $20. Typically, a vehicle that is not longer than 20 feet would cost around $20 per month for storage costs. Cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, boats and other vehicles for the road or water can be stored, no matter what size they are. It normally costs an additional $1 for every extra foot of space needed. For example, if a boat is 36 feet long, it will cost about $36 per month to store the boat.

No matter what storage a person is looking for, it can be done. W it is for vehicle storage, food or RVs, data storage, or whether a person needs to rent storage sheds, a plan is available for everyone and every type of storage, even temporary storage needs. If the area that customers rent storage space at is in a dry location, as far as humidity goes, each person can opt to rent storage space that is not climate controlled. This will help a person to save money on renting space to store his or her valuables.

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