Storage Security

Storage security is different for each type of storage facility and storage type. Self storage units usually are secured with active security cameras and other types of surveillance measures. Storage units that are inside are more secure than those that are outside. However; the person that rents will be responsible for the lock that goes onto each unit and if a quality lock is used, the security of items will be at its best.

Units that are inside are located within buildings that companies lock each evening at the end of the business day. If a person uses transportable storage units that are kept within the warehouse, this option is more secure than that of storing the compact units outside of the home or workplace. When units are portable and are stored at a person’s home or office location, proper locks will maintain better security.

Storage security is very important to companies that offer storage units and to people that rent the units. Most storage facilities will have a variety of operating hours in which a person will be able to go into his or her storage unit to add or retrieve items. It is recommended to rent one bigger unit if a person has a lot of items to store. It will cost a person a lot less money and time if one larger unit is rented versus renting multiple smaller units to store everything. Storage security is less of a concern when there is only one unit to contend with too.

It is a good idea to ask as many questions as possible about storage and storage security. Ask about lock down features and what types of locks work best if a customer has to provide his or her own lock. Ask about business hours and having access to the units during non-business hours. Ask whether a company will allow another person to bring items to a customer’s unit or get items from it.

Ask whether or not a customer can drive right to the storage unit or if another means is used to unload items and place them into the containers. Ask about further storage security or whether other insurance or safeguards are necessary for the customer. Ask about limits with storing items per unit. Usually, there is not any limit, but security or safety reasons sometimes render a decision to limit what goes into some types or sizes of storage units.

A lot of the modern storage companies have computerized gate systems where a customer and the company/employees will punch in a code into the keypad and the gates will open to allow people to travel to and from units freely. Also, some companies will have locking-mechanisms on each unit and each customer will be given his or her own code to enter the storage container.

Each company that offers storage space to businesses and for personal use has to have some storage security measures established. Each customer’s belongings, whether they are of sentimental value or dollar value, have to be protected and insured for a specific amount.

Nowadays, most companies have internal controls set into place and computerized programs that will deter theft and/or alert staff, whether they are working or at home, that there is a situation that needs attention. These computerized systems are regulated to let owners of storage facilities keep a close eye on every customer’s stored items, vehicles, boats, furniture and other valuables, at all times of the day and night.

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