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Proper storage is a vital factor to consider when storing personal and/or business items. One valid item on the list is how valuables get packed into boxes and using suitable boxes to store certain belongings. Most storage places have boxes that customers can purchase and use to store their personals in, and the boxes are the customer’s possessions after they are purchased, so they can take the boxes to the office or home once storage is no longer needed.

A storage company can guide a person as to what type of box is for what type of article. Also, if a person does not know how to package certain pieces, information is available regarding that aspect of proper storage as well.

Gear that will be needed to place and secure articles into boxes are brown, heavy-duty packing tape, bubble wrap, permanent markers to mark each box, newspaper for wrapping fine china, plates, saucers, cups and kitchen ware like these, strong string or rope and boxes. A variety of box sizes are available, even to package up television sets and stereos and computers.

When belongings are placed into storage units, the boxes are placed onto pallets, so that all items can be kept away from the floor. It is a good idea to keep all boxes away from each side of the storage space walls as well. Air needs to circulate in order to keep moisture from setting into the cardboard, clothing, paper and so forth. If pallets are not available and a person does not want to rent those or buy any, he or she can use 2x4’s or other small pieces of wood, just to be able to keep all boxes away from the floor.

So that it is easier for a person to find boxes that are stored, writing what is in each box, on all sides, tops and bottoms of each box, is recommended. If there are items that a person will want to have easy access to, a person can place those boxes at the front of the storage space. A person can choose to use shelves in the storage units too, like ones that are free standing. It is also a good idea to go and inspect the unit at least once a month or have a friend or relative do so.

If a person is storing tables, chairs, beds and frames, or other items that had to be assembled when they were first purchased and set up at the home or office, it is a good idea to take them apart before storing them. All the pieces to each set can be wrapped in a sheet and placed into a box that is marked.

It is a good idea to match appliances, computers, coffee makers and other products that are electronically operated. Bright, colored stickers that have room to write on them are a great option. The same colored stickers can be used to place around the electrical cords, too, that go with each appliance or electronic product. That way, a person can remember what cord goes to what piece of equipment or appliance, especially if items will be stored for long periods of time.

Computers and all computer accessories should be wrapped in a static-free paper or cellophane material that is specifically made for computer transportation. Sometimes, when computers and their parts are stored or transported, parts can be broken or receive static electricity charges and the motherboard could expire.

When mirrors or other breakables are stored, it is always a good idea to make sure they are standing straight up and not lying down flat. The same goes for canvas and acrylic paintings. When bicycles or other metal objects are placed into storage, one might want to put some engine oil on some of the parts while they are being stored. Some metals can rust if they are stored for long periods of time.

It is a general rule of thumb that clothing is stored within clothing bags. If a person does not have any of these types of bags and does not want that added expense, he or she can use hangers. Plastic hangers are the best ones to use for storing clothes. If a person has valuables that are really expensive, or irreplaceable for some other reason, maybe sentimentally, it is definitely worth thinking about adding insurance for those possessions.

If a person has questions about proper storage, more information is available. Please be encouraged to request any data needed.

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