Storage Types

Boat Storage

Boats can be stored at any time of the year. The storage can be temporary or a long-term arrangement. As with any vehicle, whether it is a boat, car, truck, RV or utility trailer, each vehicle or item that is driven on the road must be registered and insured for the state in which it is being driven and stored. Party boats, canoes, regular fishing boats, sail boats and other types of boats can be stored in storage units.

The main requirements, besides registering any road or water vehicle, are to make sure to have the exact measurements written down so that the proper size unit can be rented. This will save a person a lot of time and deposit fees. The only other rule about storing boats and other water vessels, or road vehicles, is that the units are not intended to be used as garages or repair shops and no work can be performed on any vessel or vehicle while they are within the storage space.

Vehicle Storage

The requirements and rules for vehicle storage are basically the same as they are for storing boats or other water vessels, like jet skis. The only item that a person needs to decide on would be whether or not he or she wants a completely closed in unit to store the vehicle or an open one with just the top covered. Either choice does not pose much of a price difference, but the closed in units do pose more of a security feature than ones that are opened on each side. The vehicle will stay dry, dust-free and sun and humidity free if it is completely covered, with climate control systems installed in the enclosed storage containers. If a person elects to get extra insurance for his or her vehicle storage, that is entirely up to everyone, individually.


A warehouse is an industrial structure that is used to stock possessions. Possessions can be that of personal use or business use. Generally, warehousing is a type of storage that serves small and large businesses that are in need of storage space for foods and general products. Producers, international and local traders, transport companies and other types of businesses use these storage buildings.

Warehouses usually have a place located at the back of each building where trucks will load and unload goods, using pallets and forklifts to load and unload products, equipments and food items from big, medium or small trucks. Warehousing is set up so that each section can have a different temperature set. One area can be used for cold storage, frozen storage, low humidity storage, warm or any other temperature required and according to what is being stored. This temperature control is known as climate control.

Cold Storage

Cold storage units are generally used for cold foods or frozen foods that need to be stored temporarily for grocery stores, large department stores, and traveling food trucks and other types of businesses that sell and store frozen and refrigerated foods. Warehousing is usually the establishment used to store refrigerated or frozen foods.

RV Storage

RV storage facilities cost less money than paying the fees for storing the RV at a campground for every season. When people use RV storage to keep a motor home safe, out of the weather and secured otherwise, it brings much more " of mind" to the owners, too. RV storage facilities offer either inside units or outside units. Storage security is a top priority, especially when it comes to motor homes and other vehicles that are very costly.

For RV storage, a person can opt to have a completely closed in unit or one that covers the tops and not the sides of the RV. The most recommended ones are the enclosed units, as they have climate control within each one of them and will protect the motor home more from the weather, sunlight, dirt and changes in outside temperature.


It is a good idea to use the storage sizing chart to make sure a person rents the correct size unit. Tires on trailers and any vehicle that is stored must be at the proper air pressure. A trailer even has to be registered and insured before it can be stored. Utility trailers, boat trailers, snow mobile trailers, construction trailers, lawn care trailers or other trailers used to haul equipment or products to and from work or home can be stored in secured storage units.

As stated earlier, there is a huge variety of storage types that are used in the storage industry. Persons can store private items or businesses can store goods and food products that need to be stored temporarily or permanently. Boats, cars, trucks, trailers, food, products, computers, machinery or other equipment and more can be stored in storage units. There are a large amount of sizes of units to choose from and one can use warehousing, self storage or mobile storage units to keep his or her valuables safe and secure.

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