Storage Space

A storage space chart can help customers determine what size storage unit will be needed. What size storage unit leased will depend on the size of items to be stored and how many items there are to be stored.

Small furniture, like bureaus and a bunch of boxed items that are smaller can be stored in a 5x5 unit.

If a person has a sofa, living room chair, a bureau and a mattress and box spring, plus a few smaller items, he or she could probably get away with renting a 5x10 space.

If a person has a one bedroom apartment and wishes to store all those furnishings, he or she might want to rent or lease a 5x15 unit, especially if one has additional items to store, like a washer and dryer to be stored. Generally, there should be extra room to add some small boxes and/or smaller items to any unit.

If a person has storage items from a one bedroom apartment that include the washer, dryer and refrigerator, he or she might want to rent a unit that is 10x10 in size. There will be room on the sides to add some smaller boxes and items as well.

A unit that is 10x15 in size is normally used to store furnishings from a smaller two9-bedroom home or apartment. This does not include storing major appliances. If there are major appliances to store, it is recommended to lease a 10x20 sized unit.

The 10x20 sized units will hold items like a refrigerator, washer and dryer, bedroom furniture, several boxes or additional items needing storage, or one can use a 10x20 sized unit to store an automobile. The 10x20 is generally referred to as a one-car garage storage unit. Some people store a trailer, car, truck or boat in the 10x20 size units.

The 10x25 unit can be used to store items and furnishings from a three to four bedroom home or apartment, including the stove, washer, dryer and fridge. A person can opt to store a vehicle in the 10x265 unit as well.

If a person needs to store items from a bigger house or apartment, like four to five bedrooms’ worth of furnishings, he or she might want to rent or lease a unit that is at least 10x30 in size. This unit can also be used to store a larger vehicle or boat.

There is a wide variety of sizes when it comes to units. Any storage facility will offer tips on how to save space when storing items, how to keep the times safe and more. Feel free to ask customer service any questions or concerns regarding storage and unit sizes and availability.

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