Freight Forwarding

Where to turn to make shipping easy

If you’re involved in complicated shipping practices, a freight forwarding company can be your best resource for organizing a smooth and successful shipping experience.

What are Freight Forwarding Companies?

These companies act on behalf of a client who needs to export goods, particularly in more complex situations such as international freight forwarding.

A freight forwarding agent can provide you with the following services:

  • Quotes. Compiling price lists from various freight agencies for various methods of transportation.
  • Documentation. Filling out and filing necessary paperwork when dealing with customs or international regulations for shipping goods.
  • Packing advice. Choosing the safest containers for your merchandise, and / or arranging to have it packed for you.
  • Monitoring the shipment. Arranging for pickup and delivery, ensuring all licenses and paperwork have been filed by the freight shipping company and handling any customs issues that may arise.
  • Finding consolidations. If cost is an issue, the agent can arrange to have your goods consolidated with those of other clients to reduce shipping fees.
  • Warehousing and storage. If your goods need to be held for any period of time, the agent can provide safe housing until ship date.
  • Hazardous material transportation. Coordinating the safe (and legal) transportation of restricted or dangerous items.

The greatest value in using a freight forwarding company is their large network of service providers. With branch or partner locations in almost all parts of the world, the best freight forwarding companies will be able to connect you with the right shipping company for your cargo – and for the right price. They are also fully equipped to handle multimodal transportation methods, including:

  • Ground freight forwarding. This method is typically used in conjunction with air or ocean shipping. A freight forwarding company can help you organize door-to-door ground pickup and delivery of your merchandise, or coordinate a full ground shipment that falls within your timeline and budget.
  • Air freight forwarding. Tailored details here include consolidation with other clients to save you money, automated shipment tracking and ground service for door-to-door pickup and delivery.
  • Ocean freight forwarding. Ocean freight has its own distinct set of criteria, which a freight forwarder can help you with. This includes coordinating less-than-container load consolidation, securing insurance on container contents, finding a company that provides special services like refrigeration, and obtaining special packaging for dry and liquid shipments.

Freight shipping can be a complex process, particularly for those new to it or those who deal on an international level. If you require additional help with the finer points of your shipment, a freight forwarder could be the perfect solution.

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