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Air freight transportation is one of the most convenient shipping methods available, for both commercial clients and those simply looking to ship a parcel over a great distance. Whether you’re looking to ship domestically or internationally, an air freight carrier can offer you a variety of services and packages to meet your needs.

Domestic Air Freight

If you’re looking to ship your cargo domestically, you have a number of options available to you. Your choice between any of the following common rate plans will depend on the items you are shipping, as well as your timeline and budget:

  • Same Day. With so many clients and outgoing flights, it’s feasible to have your item reach its destination the same day you shipped.
  • Next Day. Depending on time and location of shipment, delivery time could be as early as noon the next day.
  • Second or Third Day. On a sliding scale, you can begin to lower your costs by slightly increasing your shipping time.
  • One Business Week. The most economical option that still gets your goods out in a timely fashion.

Most air freight companies will be able to guarantee delivery times, and some may even offer to arrange a ground carrier for door-to-door service.

International Air Freight

Air freight delivery is far and away the most practical option for international shipping. Most companies can accommodate all cargo, regardless of size or weight, and can help you through the difficulties that may arise with customs, regulations and licensing.

Depending on your timeline, budget and the services available from the air carrier, you can choose either first-flight air freight shipping or the more economical consolidation option, where your cargo will travel with goods from other clients.

Look to the Skies

There are many benefits to shipping your cargo by air. Here’s a look at just a few:

Air freight tracking. Most air freight companies offer excellent parcel tracking, via telephone or online services. Simply relay the code you are given at time of shipment, and you will be able to track your cargo’s journey from start to finish.

Quick delivery. Even at its longest time, shipping by air is still the quickest means of delivering an item over a great distance. While you may pay a little extra, the convenience could well outweigh the cost.

Air freight forwarding. For clients who ship frequently or for those who simply want to make the planning process easier, there are many reputable freight forwarding companies who can find the right freight carrier and ground shipping company for the right price.

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